Our youngest hunter

Sitting on the porch of Grey Duck Landing, a smoker at my back handling the stuffed pork loin, the one in the front the chicken wings. More hunters and dogs here than I count, and they are a hungry crowd.

The wings have become a favorite, but even more anticipated is the Oreo Cookie Dessert. Affectionately known around here as White Trash, it is a gloppy mess of Oreos, butter, Cool Whip and chocolate pudding. I don’t want anything to do with, but then I don’t have a sweet tooth.

The recipe will be in Susan and my cookbook, which is now being compiled. I’ve found I have to be in this setting to even think about what we prepare and how. With a very few exceptions, I simply don’t eat or entertain this way the rest of the year. In the meantime, I’ve made a calendar that includes White Trash among other oft-requested recipes.

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