Migrating monarchs

When we planned this trip in July we had no idea we would be dodging one of the most intense hurricanes to ever make landfall in the Continental US by no more than a few dozen miles. But we were lucky. Grayton Beach and nearby Seaside were unscathed even though we can see the high rises of Panama Beach to the east

Other than insurance adjusters, donation centers and part of someone’s roof that landed on the beach this morning, you’d never know we were so close to ground zero.

The weather has been iffy, with lots of rain occasionally intermingled with sunshine. Wednesday was perfect swimming weather. Today the riptide was so bad we were warned not to go knee deep in the water.

Nonetheless, it is wonderful to be back in the Florida Panhandle, which not only offers white sand beaches but also coastal dune lakes that occur in just a handful of locations around the globe (New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar and Florida’s Walton County).

Fresh water lake within a few feet of the Gulf

Happy hour at Watercolors


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