Okay, way past time to get serious about this blog. Last week I walked into one of my homes away from home, Twin Gables (www.twingables.ca) in Calgary, where old-friend Henry urged me to do so. His wife Deirdre had kept my return after more than a year’s absence a secret and he was stunned to open the front door and find me standing there shivering. We shared a bottle of his best malbec (Henry makes his own wine) and Deirde’s pot roast while watching the Grey Cup. Regarding the CFL match-up between the Toronto Argonauts and Calgary Stampeders, Calgary was barely in the game. But it hardly mattered as Henry and I caught up and he urged me to start updating my blog. And so I will, starting in Calgary and moving backwards through all the places I’ve been in recent months.

Ah, Twin Gables. In addition to the hospitality of Deirdre and Henry, this B&B in a hundred-year-old American Craftsman house is ideally located just south of downtown.
It is across the street the scenic Elbow River to the south. There is an old (as in quaint) Safeway across the street to the east, and a block beyond that is Fourth Street Southwest where you can find a good wine shop and a wide variety of excellent restaurants. My favorite is Mercato (www.mercatogourmet.com), which for my money has the best Italian food this side of Italy. In addition to great dining around an open kitchen, Mercato has a lovely market that is perfect for picking up something to reheat in Deirdre’s Executive Suite. I didn’t have time to go on this last trip, so must return soon.

Speaking of the Executive Suite, it features a snug bedroom (appreciated in late November) and a light, airy sun room that extends all across the west side of Twin Gables. When I arrive it feels like I’ve never left. A final word about Twin Gables, while more and more B&Bs are resorting to continental breakfasts, Deirdre continues to serve up a gourmet feast every morning in her elegant dining room. If you get to know her as well as I do (which isn’t hard) chances are she’ll bring you a roast beef sandwich while you’re working through dinner, or pack a to-go breakfast for an extra early trip to the airport. There’s always a bottle of Henry’s complimentary wine waiting for me in my room.

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