It is the last day of July and so far the monsoon season has been kind to New Mexico. Here in Tijeras, we’ve had two inches of rain in the last week. Even last night’s light shower was welcome.

Not only do monsoons provide spectacular skies, but they also bring out the flowers. This morning I saw the first forget-me-not in bloom out my back door. They are a bit later here than next door, where they are already forming a blue and green carpet.

On a hike up into the piñon and juniper forest behind the house a few nights ago, I noticed a fledgling Indian paintbrush in a landscape that held nothing more than dust a few weeks earlier. I got chased back by a fierce storm that knocked out power in the valley. Fortunately, the house I’m renting is on a solar grid.

I guess I wasn’t going to learn my lesson until I got wet as the next day I got soaked to the bone in a mountain shower. Fortunately, I had a zip-lock bag for my iPhone.

Incoming storm, thankfully from my porch 

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