A friend today said: Look what you’ve done in the weeks since you were laid off. I was taken aback. Right. So far I’ve slept late, checked email, met friends for lunch and thought about looking for work. But I have also visited family in Arkansas, camped in Big Bend, hosted guests from Canada and Colorado, and spent ten lovely days in England. I’ve also dusted off both “For the Love of Mike” as well as working toward completing another creative writing project. As another step forward — and a very difficult one at that — I’m posting the first blog in more than two years. Am at home in Sugar Land, Texas, at the moment. But that never seems to last long. Until I hit the road again, I’ll recap the last eight or nine weeks. The first post-employment trip — within hours of getting the axe in early February — was to northwestern Arkansas, where one can always count on a lovely sunrise over Beaver Lake.


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