Rio Grande and rain clouds

The closure of the Cibola National Forest (and just about every other forest in New Mexico) has forced me down into Albuquerque to find open trails. Another incentive is I have two good friends from Colorado visiting me with a German Shepherd that requires lots of exercise.

It has been rewarding, especially since high temperatures have dropped by 20 degrees and there are plenty of clouds, making the lower elevation trails comfortable. And the treks are nicer than I might have imagined after being spoiled up here in the forests.

My friends and Rio

Yesterday it was the Rio Grande Valley State Park, which was well shaded with cottonwoods. And virtually empty. One other car was in the parking lot, and we saw two cyclists (maybe three) in the distance.

This morning it was an open space at the southwestern foot of the Sandia’s, just above Albuquerque. Magnificent desert and cloud vistas and again not too hot. So, I am going to survive okay until the forest trails reopen. Speaking of which, it rained hard last night. Fingers crossed it continues.

Rain blessed rain

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  1. Mikki Bate on July 11, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    What an adventure!

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