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Anne Leonard


First wildflowers

First wildflowers are like first-born children, in that they are the subject of a lot of photographs. I had this not-very-profound thought while periodically getting out of my chair on the porch and photographing the handful of flowers blooming in my friends’ garden in the Hill Country outside of Burnet. The single bluebonnet, dual Indian…

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A warm fuzzy feeling

Last night was yet another Christmas party, this one at the Red Lion Pub. This somewhat grungy establishment sits in the very shadow of the building where my present employer was housed when I switched day jobs a year and a half ago. Leaving my previous company — after 30 years (it plays a big…

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My Big Fat Alarm Cat

The shorter days tell me fall has arrived in Houston even though most days I’m still running the AC 24/7. Therefore, I’m finding it a bit hard to get out of bed these mornings. Fortunately, I’ve got a fail-proof alarm. He weighs about fifteen pounds and, goddammit, wants his food before sunrise. Being a self-confessed…

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A great thank you

I used my frequent flyer miles to get my favorite Irishman back home this week. Yesterday Anthony posted a thank you on Facebook from his cat. Mr. Magoo kept me from getting too homesick when I was in Dublin in August. He disappeared during the chaos of Ariel’s birthday party, and I anxiously awaited his…

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Only members of my tribe would drive from South Lake Tahoe to Yosemite by way of Bodie and then back in a single day. We were on the road for fourteen hours, logging over 400 miles. Early in the day, Susan made us turn around to see a mountain lion that turned out to be…

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