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Anne Leonard

The Lodge

Back to the lodge

How did this happen? How is it duck hunting season already? My landing at Grey Duck was a bit rough. I didn’t get out of Houston until nearly noon, so drove in well after dark. While I learned to drive on unpaved country roads, that was many decades ago and the last four miles were…

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Sunset at the lodge

Just a photo essay on watching the sunset at the lodge. The hunters were so close, we not only heard the gunfire but saw ducks fall out of the sky followed by a splash. ‘Cover photo’ is Sauks watching the action.

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My life as a cook

We are now into our final 10-day stretch of hunters at Grey Duck Landing. I have started a half dozen blogs only to quit at a loss to say anything interesting. Perhaps the most grist for storytelling was some sort of plague that swept through the lodge weekend before that, but I really doubted anyone…

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Flying to Stuttgart

Okay, that’s Stuttgart, Arkansas, not the city in Germany. But it was a lovely flight (all 10 minutes or so) and I got a duck’s eye view of the lodge. It was my reward for driving our hunters’ private pilots to the Brinkley airstrip so they could fly to Stuttgart to refuel. It was a…

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Wings and White Trash

Sitting on the porch of Grey Duck Landing, a smoker at my back handling the stuffed pork loin, the one in the front the chicken wings. More hunters and dogs here than I count, and they are a hungry crowd. The wings have become a favorite, but even more anticipated is the Oreo Cookie Dessert.…

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