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Anne Leonard


Hurricanes, hurricanes

I was booked to fly to Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday. Needless to say, I canceled that trip. I briefly thought of changing that ticket to my annual Christmas trip to to the Florida Gulf Coast, but alas Anna Maria Island is now in Irma’s bullseye. I sure hope that corner of Gulf Coast paradise between…

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Mike’s chicken wings

Last weekend I smoked some wings for dinner guests. I got a phone call in the process, which resulted in charcoal wings. And yet, my guests not only ate them but asked for the recipe. No doubt my fire was too hot. Mike would smoke these over about six charcoal briquets while turning them continually.…

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Evening primrose AKA buttercups

Why do Texans calls evening primrose “buttercups”? I asked Mike this question every spring. “Because that’s what they’re called,” was his totally unsatisfactory answer. “Tell me what butter is pink,” was my retort. It might as well have been a comedy routine. Finally I have an answer, compliments of my Cajun friend. If you rub…

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Must be May

I saw in this morning’s news a famous Swiss mountain climber has died on Everest. That reminded me May is here and my birthday is nigh as it coincides with Everest climbing season. In fact, I was born a few days before Edmund Hillary reached the top of Mount Everest — so you can easily…

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Springtime in Denver

I wrote extensively in For the Love of Mike how spring is Denver’s worst season, so here I am visiting friends and family on a cool, rainy weekend in the mile-high city. But it’s already hot in Houston, so this is a pleasant break. The occasion is my aunt’s 90th birthday. That served as a reminder that…

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