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Anne Leonard


Hurricanes, hurricanes

I was booked to fly to Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday. Needless to say, I canceled that trip. I briefly thought of changing that ticket to my annual Christmas trip to to the Florida Gulf Coast, but alas Anna Maria Island is now in Irma’s bullseye. I sure hope that corner of Gulf Coast paradise between…

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Old friends and Indian food

When I returned to Houston a month ago, my nephew Anthony (okay, actually he’s my niece’s husband, but whatever) said: Anne, I worry about you going back to Texas where you will be all alone. I tried to reassure him that I am hardly by myself in Texas. Today was a case in point as…

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Missing my Houseguests

At first light this morning Andy began tearing through the house trilling at the top of his lungs. Andy has Siamese blood somewhere in that sleek ebony body, and his demanding yowls finally got me out of bed. I think he is missing Kuning, our Arabian Mau cat house guest of week ago. Good friends…

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First wildflowers

First wildflowers are like first-born children, in that they are the subject of a lot of photographs. I had this not-very-profound thought while periodically getting out of my chair on the porch and photographing the handful of flowers blooming in my friends’ garden in the Hill Country outside of Burnet. The single bluebonnet, dual Indian…

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Familiar places

I waited until the last possible day to see John Singer Sargent’s watercolors at the Museum of Fine Art Houston, but made it nonetheless. Of course the paintings are stunning but I was surprised how familiar much of the scenery was. In particular, his paintings of Boboli Gardens brought back memories as the crowds in Florence…

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