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Anne Leonard


Hiking in a mountain garden

Went on one of my favorite hikes in the Vail Valley yesterday, East Lake Creek. It’s been a few years since I’ve been on this trek through an aspen forest. I also don’t recall being on it when the wild raspberries were in bloom. I know they are raspberries because I’ve eaten many when hiking…

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About time to head north and west

I’m sitting in front of an open window listening to a mockingbird and enjoying a cool morning breeze. That said, I’m wondering if I have time to both work in the garden and run before it gets hot. Yes, summer is almost here. Proof? Last night at sunset I stepped outside to a pleasant breeze.…

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Flowers and typos

It rained hard last night, and today is so cool (by Houston standards anyway) that the heat came on mid morning. Not to gloat to all my friends north of here, but your loss (in the way of cold and snow and mud) are our gain. The jasmine and magnolias are in bloom and the…

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Surveying the damage

I’ve been back in Houston for nearly three weeks and can count the days I’ve seen the sun on one hand. Okay, I can’t swear to that, but it has been as dark and dreary as London around here. And, thanks to last month’s ice storm, my garden is a disaster. Last week a water…

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Christmas in Houston

All the windows are open in my house, with the scent and sound of a warm soft rain drifting in. I’ve been back in Sugar Land for nearly a week and now remember why I still call the greater Houston area home. Yes, it is a buggy swamp with some of the worst weather imaginable…

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