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Anne Leonard


My life as a cook

We are now into our final 10-day stretch of hunters at Grey Duck Landing. I have started a half dozen blogs only to quit at a loss to say anything interesting. Perhaps the most grist for storytelling was some sort of plague that swept through the lodge weekend before that, but I really doubted anyone…

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Wings and White Trash

Sitting on the porch of Grey Duck Landing, a smoker at my back handling the stuffed pork loin, the one in the front the chicken wings. More hunters and dogs here than I count, and they are a hungry crowd. The wings have become a favorite, but even more anticipated is the Oreo Cookie Dessert.…

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A bumper crop of herbs

Had a dinner party last night in which the herbs from my garden played a central role, both in the salad course and the multiple pasta dishes that followed. Dishes included sage pesto, flat leaf parsley salad, and two kinds of zucchini carpaccio. I’m taking off tomorrow for the summer as the heat and humidity have…

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Mike’s chicken wings

Last weekend I smoked some wings for dinner guests. I got a phone call in the process, which resulted in charcoal wings. And yet, my guests not only ate them but asked for the recipe. No doubt my fire was too hot. Mike would smoke these over about six charcoal briquets while turning them continually.…

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Anne’s Sweet Potatoes

Mom emailed from Florida this weekend (an email from an 88-year-old woman is notable in itself) telling me she’d made my sweet potatoes. This is a standard side dish for our Christmas dinners on Anna Maria Island, because it takes very little preparation. It also goes well with whatever else one serves, be it fish,…

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