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Anne Leonard


Changeable weather in Mesa Verde

It wasn’t raining when I pulled into Mesa Verde Saturday evening, but I’d already wimped out and booked a room at the Far View Lodge. And I should have known that once I settled into my room with a view, I wasn’t about to abandon it for a tent. It rained hard Saturday night and…

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A Ronald Reagan Story

(No hate mail please.  Everyone has a bad day, but if you’re famous and someday wind up being president, someone somewhere will remember it. Besides, while Don’s dad swore it was Reagan, it could have been another famous cowboy living in the area with the initials RR and a petite wife, namely Roy Rogers.) With…

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Ralph Evertt Sader: I'll miss you Dad

Night before last, while in Bogota, I got the call I’d been expecting for a long time. Don’s dad died on April 10 at the age of 101 years, four months and ten days. Reportedly, one of the last things he asked was if anyone had heard from me. I first met him in Denver…

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March 2, 2012

  I rarely have any good flashes of memory from Husband #1, namely Don. But today is warm and I am cleaning the garage (funny what one will do for a house sitter they won’t do for themselves) and wanted something cool to drink. I have some nasty red wine, but rather than dump it,…

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