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Anne Leonard


My first (and hopefully not last) book signing

Okay, I was nervous. But the ice broke when I stepped outside to take a photo of my name on the venue and talked a couple walking by into buying my book. I sold some books. Saw many photos of other people’s cats. Heard more than a few lovely cat stories, some sad, some uplifting.…

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Gearing up toward that book signing

I am back in Albuquerque, getting ready to head out for a short hike. Toward that purpose, I booked an Airbnb on the eastern edge of the city. Today, I check into the Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town. Took a short walk last night to watch the sun set. Also, fittingly enough given I’m here…

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New Mexico: Land of Diversity

Went to two parties in the greater Albuquerque area in two weeks. At one, I was treated to several arias sung by stars of the Southwest Opera ( Also, the host had a collection of classic motorcycles and cars. The second party was in the home and garden of sculptor Ed Haddaway. Check out his…

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Settling into my summer home

I’m not going to check and see if I used the same blog title for my first posting in Tijeras last year. Sauks, Andy and I crossed the New Mexico state line on Friday. When I stopped in Santa Rosa for gas, I noticed it was appreciably cooler than the Texas Panhandle. The cats are…

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A cat’s tail

Well, just when I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to prying a cat out of a hotel room, I have a new adventure. Yesterday morning, Sauks crawled up into the box springs of my lovely four-poster bed. The muslin covering provided a pretty nice hammock and he knew damn well I wouldn’t…

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