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For The Love Of Mike

For the Love of Mike is an inspiring gem that sweeps you from emotion to emotion with brutal honesty and heartfelt prose. This story of love and loss and travel is a poignant recollection that stirs the heart.” — Kristen K. Brown, bestselling and award-winning author of The Best Worst Thing and founder of

travels with cats book

“Cats are easier than dogs.” Or so a good friend and passionate dog lover keeps telling me.
That is true if you leave them at home. People who lived near the World Trade Center returned to their apartments some weeks after 9-11 to find their cats had survived handily, having successfully scrounged for food (presumably rodents as we are talking NYC) and drinking toilet water. But try taking a cat on the road and all bets are off.

Two Tipsy Sisters in the Kitchen 4

From the weekend before Thanksgiving 2016 through the final weekend of January 2017, I helped my sister and brother-in-law, Susan and Jeff Voskamp, run Grey Duck Landing hunting lodge outside of Brinkley, Arkansas. Susan was already renowned among duck hunters for her cooking and I added a few of my favorite recipes to the menu.