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Travels with Cats now available in paperback

My memoir of the 4,700-mile road trip I took with Sauks and Andy in 2016 is now available on Amazon, both in paperback and on Kindle. If you buy the paperback, the Kindle version is included for free. It includes dozens of maps and photographs, which are in color in the ebook. Travels with Cats…
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Mother of a superstar?

By Anne Leonard | May 1, 2013

Mike was first my employee, then my friend, and well FLOM tells the rest of the story. When in the early 1990s he quit the company we worked for, I hired a young American woman of Filipino descent right out of college as his replacement. Yaz and I have remained friends over the many years…

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By Anne Leonard | Apr 30, 2013

A newly published compilation of Willa Cather’s letters made the front page of “The New York Times Book Review” this week. The review featured this gem of an observation: “As a self-made American artist and feminist pioneer, she traveled a far greater distance – from tiny Red Cloud to Manhattan – than Fitzgerald did when…

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Fried Chicken

By Anne Leonard | Apr 27, 2013

There’s a reason only New Yorkers eat out more than Houstonians, and it is the terrific food available at nearly every turn. I’d weigh twenty pounds less if I lived somewhere without an abundance of restaurants like Lucille’s in the Museum District. It features southern cooking at its best and last night I had the…

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Hurricane Memories

By Anne Leonard | Apr 26, 2013

Met Ann Weisgarber for dinner last night. She handed me a signed copy of her second book, “The Promise,” hot off the press. Ann has been so gracious in spurring me forward in the writing of my book. Just as the opening chapters of “Rachel DuPree” sent me to the kitchen for cold water (a…

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Feng of the Lawn

By Anne Leonard | Apr 25, 2013

Yesterday I had lunch with a former co-worker whom I’d not seen for nearly a decade. In the course of catching up, naturally the sad fate of Feng Xue came up, as we’d both worked with Feng. When I first moved over to the international side of operations, I was somewhat intimidated by Feng, who…

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A Mini Tale

By Anne Leonard | Apr 24, 2013

A coworker showed me his new car today. “I’m letting my wife drive it tomorrow,” he said, adding she’d promised not to smoke in it. My nine-year-old Mini was sitting right across the parking garage, so I showed Scott the scar from the lone cigarette smoked in my car. I didn’t think I’d included it…

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Politically Correct Jasmine

By Anne Leonard | Apr 23, 2013

The white-star jasmine is in bloom. Mine was looking pretty bad just a month ago, but some water and fertilizer brought it around. Or this ultra-tough plant just came back on its own. Take your pick. Now the entire house smells like jasmine as it is cool enough to have the windows open – a…

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Dorothy's Cowboy Corner

By Anne Leonard | Apr 22, 2013

If you live on the perimeter of the Greater Houston Area, it doesn’t take long to get to a Texas where there are no aspiring immigrants from far-flung corners of the globe, feisty women who don’t speak in honey-sweet drawls, urbanites whose feet rarely step off concrete, die-hard liberals, and other big-city types. This happened…

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How do I know about Chechnya?

By Anne Leonard | Apr 19, 2013

Today’s question (given the sad ongoing story in Boston): When did Chechnya first cross my radar screen? Well, I have watched the news most of my life, so it was before “The Pine Barrens.” Nonetheless, the first thing that came to mind was my all-time favorite episode of The Sopranos, directed by the great Steve…

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