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Travels with Cats now available in paperback

My memoir of the 4,700-mile road trip I took with Sauks and Andy in 2016 is now available on Amazon, both in paperback and on Kindle. If you buy the paperback, the Kindle version is included for free. It includes dozens of maps and photographs, which are in color in the ebook. Travels with Cats…
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Come visit me

By Anne Leonard | Jul 9, 2019

After two-plus months, this house is ready for guests. In fact, I had guests this weekend. Jim and Susie and Rio came down from Denver and declared the place five-star. I have listed the lower level of the house on Airbnb, in hopes of paying off the national debt I’ve run up on my credit…

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My love affair with summer

By Anne Leonard | Jun 25, 2019

The hardest part of living in Houston was summer. Not only is the season on the Texas Gulf Coast miserable beyond description, but I’d spent the first part of my life in places were summer was loved not hated. On the summer front, I never fully made the transition to “southerner.” Prior to buying a…

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Land of Entrapment

By Anne Leonard | Apr 28, 2019

In 2016 when I spent my first summer in New Mexico, I planned on eventually exploring other corners of the West. Well, I was warned this is the Land of Entrapment, which is the local’s spin on the official state motto: Land of Enchantment. Consider me now officially among the trapped and loving every moment…

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The Hermitage

By Anne Leonard | Apr 12, 2019

Add Andrew Jackson to the list of presidential sites I’ve visited (libraries, homes, etc.). As my brother once said, if they put up a sign in the woods saying Lincoln took a leak here we’d have to go see it. That was years ago after a brutal trip through the backwoods of Kentucky to what…

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Leaving Nashville

By Anne Leonard | Apr 8, 2019

Nashville is the number one tourist destination in the U.S. Or so my Uber driver told me this morning on the way to the airport. It wasn’t the first time I heard it on this five-day trip and I did not see anything that led me to believe otherwise. The crowds on Broadway were daunting.…

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My new mountain home

By Anne Leonard | Mar 6, 2019

Years ago I moved from Denver to Houston, thinking my time in Texas would just be a detour. At that point I figured I’d return to the Rockies in a few short years. Well, time flies and now it is 30 years, four months and a few days later and I have finally laid the…

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Heading home . . . for a night

By Anne Leonard | Mar 3, 2019

Ending an incredible week in Panama, compliments of Pam and Michael. They truly have landed in a corner of paradise. At this point (in the noisy Tocumen Airport in Panama City), I figure a few photos tell the story better than I can. Most of these were taken at their beautiful home in the mountains…

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A jungle hike

By Anne Leonard | Feb 28, 2019

Not much to say about my long silence. Christmas on a Florida beach followed by a very busy hunting lodge schedule. February has mostly been spent readjusting (with limited success) to Houston. It is a warm, gray winter there and the lack of sunshine had a profound effect on me after my days of endless…

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Christmas at Grey Duck

By Anne Leonard | Dec 15, 2018

Susan has utilized her Christmas skills at the lodge.

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