Susan in the herb garden

How did this happen? How is it duck hunting season already?

My landing at Grey Duck was a bit rough. I didn’t get out of Houston until nearly noon, so drove in well after dark. While I learned to drive on unpaved country roads, that was many decades ago and the last four miles were long and rough. Especially, since Sauks and Andy sensed we were returning to a familiar place and both were jockeying for position on my lap.

My first culinary assignment resulted in a purple mushroom sauce, thanks to a bit too much red wine (both in the sauce and in the cook). Thankfully, it was quickly amended with a good strong dose of beef bullion.

Jet trails over the delta

By yesterday, I’d hit my stride, making Bloody Mary shrimp, cider-marinated pork loin and red cabbage. Tonight my dinner duties include duck gumbo and garlic mashed potatoes.

Our youngest hunters

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  1. Mick Blackman on November 19, 2018 at 3:46 am

    Good morning Anne.
    It’s that time already, Woww, time has flown by.
    I laughed out loud about your red wine comment, and I was sitting in the doctors reception, boy did I get some funny looks.
    Have a lovely time, and stay safe please.

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