Cool here. No need to go further.

Well, just when I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to prying a cat out of a hotel room, I have a new adventure. Yesterday morning, Sauks crawled up into the box springs of my lovely four-poster bed. The muslin covering provided a pretty nice hammock and he knew damn well I wouldn’t be able to retrieve him.

What to do? I needed to be at the lodge ASAP to cook and clean and was still a four-hour drive away. So I got in the car and circled  around Jefferson, Texas, a very lovely half-way stop between Houston and Little Rock. This town is a time capsule of historic homes and antique shops. It is sometimes called the B&B capital of Texas, and I was indeed staying in a B&B that is pet friendly, namely a beautiful cottage on the grounds of the best restaurant in town, the Stillwater Inn.

‘My’ cottage.

Took a few photos, returned to my cottage. Sauks was as recalcitrant as ever, apparently thinking: Nope, this looks to be a good place to spend the day as opposed to that damn car.

So I drove to the grocery store where I bought kitty treats and a sharp knife.

House of the Seasons

As I guessed, the kitty treats did not lure him out. So I crawled under the bed (thankfully a high one) and cut the muslin. He kept moving out of my reach until I finally gave up and pulled him out by his tail. When I had him in my grasp, he had the audacity to purr loudly. I won’t attempt to guess at the feline thought process involved in that act.

Now at the lodge, up to my elbows in sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy and hash browns.

Seems I jinxed the entire Houston metro area with my last blog bragging about our balmy holiday weather. Here’s a photo of my house in a fresh blanket of snow texted by my my next door neighbor at first light.

Home snowy home




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