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Travels With Cats

“Cats are easier than dogs.” Or so a good friend and passionate dog lover keeps telling me.

That is true if you leave them at home. People who lived near the World Trade Center returned to their apartments some weeks after 9-11 to find their cats had survived handily, having successfully scrounged for food (presumably rodents as we are talking NYC) and drinking toilet water. But try taking a cat on the road and all bets are off.

Voices from the Plains

2nd Edition

This second edition of the popular Voices from the Plains anthology features the work of more than sixty writers from the Nebraska Writers Guild showcasing their talent writing short stories, poems, essays, novel excerpts, scripts, and nonfiction biography. It features an excerpt of Travels with Cat.


For The Love of Mike

For the Love of Mike is a memoir that contrasts two marriages and two losses. It is also the story of personal journeys: from Denver to Houston, from covering domestic oil exploration to a career in the international sector, and from surviving the end of a troubled marriage to “Life with Mike,” a decade of love and laughter and adventure.

For The Love Of Mike

Two tipsy sisters in the kitchen

Cooking is a passion for me that I had the opportunity to put to a test when I helped my sister Susan run the kitchen at Grey Duck Landing this fall and winter. Our childhood on the farm was good preparation, as Susan and I have been cooking for men since we could first reach the burners on the stove. My poor father and his brothers, particularly Uncle Roy, suffered through some pretty terrible experiments (Spam spaghetti comes to mind). I’m happy to say we’re much more skilled today and hunters often come back to the kitchen to request recipes. Hence, we are compiling the Grey Duck Landing or Two Tipsy Sisters in the Kitchencookbook.

Anne Leonard

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After a career writing about oil and gas, I now have time to devote to creative writing. I am known among my friends as a story teller, so it is time to see if I can put those stories into prose. I’ve always aspired to be an author. One of my earliest memories is of pasting pictures from a magazine onto a sheet of paper. It was to be a fairy tale, and I had my grandmother write down words of what the pictures depicted and then read it back to me. Unfortunately, they were all nouns and did not form sentences, let alone tell a story.