Eastern redbud and tulips in my cousin’s garden

I wrote extensively in For the Love of Mike how spring is Denver’s worst season, so here I am visiting friends and family on a cool, rainy weekend in the mile-high city. But it’s already hot in Houston, so this is a pleasant break. The occasion is my aunt’s 90th birthday. That served as a reminder that yesterday would have been Mike and my 10th wedding anniversary, because two days later we celebrated Aunt Elaine’s 80th birthday. Here’s an excerpt from a chapter called “The Wedding Planner.”

So on April 21, 2007, Mike and I married in the garden I’d planted in memory of Don. To paraphrase Karin Blixen, the earth is round so we can’t see too far down the road. In less than two years, we would gather in much the same manner on another spring day to commiserate Mike’s passing. Once again detail had to be paid to ceremony, legalities, food, booze, travel logistics, and lodging. Consequently, I’ve locked many of those sunny, April memories away, perhaps forever.

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  1. Terry Rountree on April 24, 2017 at 12:55 am

    I still miss Mike.
    Would love to see you. We are in Lostwell full time since January. Please come.

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