Why do Texans calls evening primrose “buttercups”?

I asked Mike this question every spring.

“Because that’s what they’re called,” was his totally unsatisfactory answer.

“Tell me what butter is pink,” was my retort. It might as well have been a comedy routine.

Finally I have an answer, compliments of my Cajun friend. If you rub your nose in an evening primrose — excuse me, buttercup — it comes out yellow. Of course, the center is indeed filled with yellow pollen. It’s a pink cup of butter. Why didn’t I figure that out on my own?

In my defense, Wikipedia tells me they are no relation to real buttercups.

We’ve had a spectacular evening primrose showing this spring. These photos were taken at the schoolyard right up the road.

Speaking of, yesterday a school teacher yelled at me for running across that school yard. This is something I’ve been doing for nearly thirty years. She had steam coming out of her ears and I guess I’m lucky she didn’t have the police track me down. Lord knows she made me feel just like the ornery school kid I was way back when.

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