Anne Leonard


A reunion of Mike’s friends

It says a lot about Mike that he never let go of friends. I’m a case in point. We’d not worked together for seven or eight years, but still met for drinks on a regular basis. And then Don died and one thing led to another and we took that friendship a step further. All of…

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Van Gogh

I was the real cat lady of Sugar Land this weekend, as Kuning returned for a visit. I woke up on Saturday and Sunday with three cats in my house as well as two feral cats on my doorstep. I’ve been trying to tame Van Gogh, so named for his mutilated ear, for nearly a…

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Life on the road

Just back from a week-long trip to the UK. Not home more than the weekend and I find out I’m going to Germany in March. Oh well, other than crossing the border at Lake Constance and changing planes at Frankfort, I really haven’t been to Germany. So the news is exciting, albeit a bit ill-timed…

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Weather Haiku

“It’s going to get cold,” a coworker said at lunch today. He was looking at the cirrus clouds high over Houston. I remember Mike saying exactly the same thing when we were working together long ago. The clouds are a sure sign of an impending cold front, although “cold” is a relative term. In this…

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The Orange Criminal

So, it’s November first and not too late to join the NaNoWriMo madness of writting a 55,000-word book in 30 days. After losing Fig in early June, I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a “meowmoir” dedicated to her short life. In some ways, losing her feels like a rite of passage. Fig was…

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