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Travels with Cats now available in paperback

My memoir of the 4,700-mile road trip I took with Sauks and Andy in 2016 is now available on Amazon, both in paperback and on Kindle. If you buy the paperback, the Kindle version is included for free. It includes dozens of maps and photographs, which are in color in the ebook. Travels with Cats…
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By Anne Leonard | Oct 4, 2018

The hummingbirds left Tijeras two days ago. There were only one or two juveniles left, and then they were gone. Time for me to move on as well. After a month of non-stop guests and events, I am now on my way south — albeit with a short side trip to the north to Santa…

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The Zen of Camping

By Anne Leonard | Sep 8, 2018

Ah camping. Why leave my snug summer home in a mountain valley to spend two nights trying to stay dry and warm in front of a sputtering fire? As Mike used to say, quoting a Dilbert cartoon, why don’t we just sleep in the garage and eat bugs? To answer my own question, there was…

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A picture perfect day in the Sandias

By Anne Leonard | Aug 28, 2018

Yesterday I did one of my favorite hikes up to the crest (Tree Spring and then a portion of the Crest Trail). Two years ago, I remember huffing and puffing up the nearly four miles. I was on the same pace as a young man from El Paso, who was hiking with his fiancee and…

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Celebratory drinks overlooking the Sandias

By Anne Leonard | Aug 22, 2018

In a step forward, I not only talked a bookstore into carrying Travels with Cats, I got it into a bookstore listed in Atlas Obscura as one of the world’s best. (See And, I have a book signing scheduled for December 1. Owned by Jim and John Hoffsis, Treasure House Books has been operating on…

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New Mexico: Land of Diversity

By Anne Leonard | Aug 7, 2018

Went to two parties in the greater Albuquerque area in two weeks. At one, I was treated to several arias sung by stars of the Southwest Opera ( Also, the host had a collection of classic motorcycles and cars. The second party was in the home and garden of sculptor Ed Haddaway. Check out his…

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Monsoon Season

By Anne Leonard | Aug 1, 2018

It is the last day of July and so far the monsoon season has been kind to New Mexico. Here in Tijeras, we’ve had two inches of rain in the last week. Even last night’s light shower was welcome. Not only do monsoons provide spectacular skies, but they also bring out the flowers. This morning…

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La Luz or Seeing the Light

By Anne Leonard | Jul 21, 2018

Despite being in New Mexico for three full months last summer, I had not hiked the La Luz trail since 2016. Yesterday, I set out to rectify that. La Luz is perhaps the most popular trail in New Mexico. Located on the western side of the Sandias, it offers a seven-mile climb from about 7,000…

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Back hiking in the trees

By Anne Leonard | Jul 11, 2018

“It’s so crowded you’d think we were in Colorado.” So said the woman at the end of a long line of hikers I was waiting to pass on a cat walk above the Jemez River. If it was this crowded on a hike that is not exactly near anywhere (over an hour’s drive from both…

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Hiking in ABQ and rain at last

By Anne Leonard | Jul 6, 2018

The closure of the Cibola National Forest (and just about every other forest in New Mexico) has forced me down into Albuquerque to find open trails. Another incentive is I have two good friends from Colorado visiting me with a German Shepherd that requires lots of exercise. It has been rewarding, especially since high temperatures…

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